Professional Dog Training
JB Pawfect Pals offers professional dog training and behaviour modification.

We use our knowledge and passion combined with gentle, proven methods to help your dog overcome behavioural and psychological challenges in order to create the perfect contribution to your family.

WHAT WE STAND FOROur commitment is to provide you with the finest dog training available with our extensive knowledge, passion, experience and care.

Our mission is to teach your dog good manners and etiquette while strengthening the bond you share with your dog. We help you understand how your dog thinks and we assess how your dog reacts to certain situations in order to identify and address any underlying issues.

Our philosophy

We believe that once you make the big decision to bring a puppy or dog into your home, a promise is made to the dog that you will do everything you can to give it the best possible life. A happy and well-behaved dog goes hand in hand with a happy owner.

We assist you to create an unbreakable bond and trusting relationship between you and your dog. We achieve this by using positive reinforcement, consistency, proven and safe training techniques.

There are many cases in society where dogs end up needing to be rehomed as a result of developing problem behaviours and becoming out of control. This causes immense stress, turmoil and anxiety on both the dog and its owners.

We aim to keep the kennels empty by doing the right thing by our furry family members, through quality education and techniques to make unwanted behaviours a thing of the past.

We teach you to become a calm and consistent leader, so that your dog will become a loyal companion.

At JB Pawfect Pals, we help owners understand the psychology of the dog, pack behaviours, the causes of behavioural issues and how to manage them as well as obedience training.

We educate you to become a successful leader and help train your dog to overcome common challenges in order to create the perfect addition to your family. Remember there is no such thing as a bad dog, they just require guidance in the right direction.


- Certificate III in Dog Training and Behaviour
- Certified Puppy Class Instructor Programme by Vicki Austin
- Dog Aggression Workshop by Vicki Austin
- Dangerous Dog Assessing and Handling Workshop by Steve Austin
- Certificate in Dog Psychology and Training by the Career Academy
- Certificate in Caring for Dogs by the Career Academy
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