Puppy Course


JB Pawfect Pals provides an exciting and fun 4 week course to set your puppy up for success and build a solid foundation of trust and communication.

The course will be conducted at Ramsgate Vet. We will provide you with the
knowledge required to create a great, loyal companion.
We provide our training using positive reinforcement through our “LIMA” (Least Intrusive Minimally Aversive) training style.
Week 1
- Environmental and Social Conditioning
- Obedience training (sit & stare)
- Tie-up exercises
- Puppy socialisation
- Crate Training
- Toilet training/Nipping and biting
- Vet Check exercises
- Q&A

Week 2

- Recall Training
- Obedience training (Drop/Down)
- Puppy socialisation
- Puppy enrichment training (food toys and play)
- Q&A

Week 3

- Fading out food treats for learned behaviours
- Advanced recall training
- Obedience training (Leave it)
- Puppy socialisation
- Q&A

Week 4

- Obedience Training (Stay)
- Impulse control training
- Target training
- Obedience training (Go onto dog’s bed)
- Q&A
- Graduation

Reservation Details

Puppy School – FOR PUPPIES AGED BETWEEN 8 TO 16 WEEKS from the start of the course

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    Total Cost: $220 (Including GST)

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    Mon - Sun: 8AM - 8PM